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Design of Services


Our interactive training seminars are designed to build the capacity of leaders to serve as mindful practitioners who operate with confidence, competence, effective effort, and adaptability to manage and sustain change in adaptive and technical situations.  Participants will reflect on their own identities, orientations, and mindsets, as they consider those of their managers, peers, direct reports, and clients.  Each workshop is designed to position participants to emerge with clarity about the best practices to achieve their business objectives, and increase agency and impact in their roles.  The training workshops range from half-day sessions to three-day sessions and can be customized based on the specific needs of the client. 


Our team provide a series of customized consultation services that include an initial needs assessment and preliminary data analysis, the development of a targeted and data based action plan, support in developing plans to execute and monitor implementation through virtual and/or onsite experiences, and an assessment of impact.  We work within the layers of an organization (senior level, mid-level, associates, etc.) and with critical partners as deemed necessary.


Our participants engage in intentional, one-on-one coaching relationships designed to exponentially increase their capacities to analyze, produce, execute outcomes they design.  Growth and fixed mindsets are explored through personalized assessments and recursive discourse to identify critical success factors, strength and growth areas, and attainable goals to create personal and professional action plans.  Each coaching series begins with a needs assessment to create a coaching plan and will conclude with an evaluation of achieved goals and completed action plans.

  • Expeditious Series (3 sessions):  This series is designed to address a specified area of need, such as strengthening a leadership style, thought partnership to guide the completion of a small project, or expanding business skills (public speaking, on-boarding, introduction of a new process) to increase the exponential impact of a leader, executive, or manager.                                                                                                                  {Coaching Specializations: Executive, Rising Leaders & Managers, Public Speaking}
  • Life Aspiration Series (4 sessions):  This series is designed to support clients in determining and activating their ideal career, educational, and relationship goals.  Clients will develop immediate, short-term, and long-term action plans driven by their values and passions to take ownership of their life's path.                                {Coaching Specializations: Career & Education Success, Relationship, Rising Leaders & Managers}
  • Influencing Outcomes Series (4 - 6 sessions): This series is designed to support clients in building the requisite interpersonal and communication skills to build their social and influential spheres. Clients will explore providing and receiving feedback, personal mastery, difficult conversations, behavior triggers, and team dynamics that are key for influencing "up", "down", and "across" the organization and communities in which they participate.  {Coaching Specializations: Executive, Cultural Competency, Rising Leaders & Managers, Relationship, Career Success}
  • Capacity Development Series (6+ sessions):  This series is designed to equip clients with the knowledge and skills to develop the capacities of others.  High-level, independent contributors will learn to engage their direct reports in a manner that builds their confidence and increases the team yield.  Clients will strengthen their implementation of quantitative and qualitative data to influence performance and outcomes.  Moreover, clients will examine the impact that mindsets and effort has on performance, leader/manager development, strategic alignment, and organizational learning.                                                                                                             {Coaching Specializations: Executive, Cultural Competency, Rising Leaders & Managers, Relationship, Career & Educational Success}